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Let’s talk about…

I have spent much of my time today down the A38 in Liskeard, attending the Presbyteral Session of District Synod. It was, as is the nature of these things, a mixed-bag of experiences, including some boredom and annoyance but overall … Continue reading

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Rising from the Ashes

So, here I am, sat at my desk, ash cross on my forehead, non-alcohol beer to hand, writing a blog post for the first time in more than 10 months. And if you ignore posts written as sermons then far … Continue reading

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Tick Tock

Time. It’s something we all get a fixed amount of. No, I don’t mean that each person has an allotted lifespan perfectly mapped out and decided well in advance, and for some it is a matter of seconds or minutes … Continue reading

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Dog tales

Sometimes different parts of one’s life collide. I use “one’s” instead of “my” because I know it happens to most people, who do various different things in their life and then find them bumping into each other in various ways. … Continue reading

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Friends will be friends

I promised I’d blog every day for Easter. I didn’t promise every post would be profound or brilliant or long or any combination of those. Today’s will not be any of them, but I made a commitment and I’m sticking … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs

Before I even arrived here in Saltash I was invited to take part in a part-social, part-getting-to-know-the-new-minister event at one of the chapels in my charge, based on the Desert Island Discs format. It happened last night and, out of … Continue reading

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Caught in the Middle

It’s been a little longer since my last post than I’d originally planned. Despite exams being over life has been rather busy, with much going on in preparation for the end of term (which is, of course, also the end … Continue reading

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