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Serve thee as thy hosts above

Over at his blog, Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise, my ministerial colleague, fellow ecumenical meanderer, and good friend, Jarel, is hosting a series of interviews exploring vocation – for now focusing on vocation as an ordained minister or religious … Continue reading

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Unforgettable Fire

So, in a week and a half I will be heading off on retreat, and in 17 days I will be Received into Full Connexion and Ordained (Conference willing, as always in Methodism!) along with a number of friends and … Continue reading

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i am the vicar, i am

Originally posted on the blog of kevin:
I am the vicar, I am. I am the pastor, the carer, the listener the one with the time to drop everything and I also understand global politics and immigration and I am…

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One calling amongst many

In Methodism the usual term for the role I undertake is “Minister”, but recently Methodism went through the drawn-out process of changing the wording of its founding documents and its constitution in order that the words Presbyter and Deacon are … Continue reading

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Godly Drama

One of the things Probationer Presbyters and Deacons in the Methodist Church are required to do is to set aside time for on-going study. This is done with a variety of success, for a variety of reasons. Some of the … Continue reading

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A heart-warming call (Resurrection Triptych, Pt 1)

This is the sermon I preached at the early morning open-air Eucharist at St Germans on Easter Day 2013, and at the Eucharist with welcoming of members by transfer at Burraton later the same morning. The Gospel reading on each … Continue reading

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