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For and Against: a view from the middle of the pitch

So, my return to regular blogging all went a bit surreal yesterday – although, actually, it wasn’t my blogging so much as my tweeting that seemed to go a little (and I really do mean ‘little’, we’re not talking anything … Continue reading

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Love Spreads – a response to Sally’s Friday Five

So, I’ve been sat in the coffeeshop this morning writing my sermon for tomorrow morning. It’s a sermon that takes into account a whole bunch of the things I’ve been thinking about this week as I’ve been working on my … Continue reading

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What I’m up to

Well, this will be a short post, since things are rather hectic at the moment. Essay deadline day is a week and a half away and anyone who knows me will tell you what that means. Yes, that’s right, utter … Continue reading

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Back in Black

Yesterday evening we had our Start-of-Term worship here at Wesley, which was really wonderful, followed by a lovely bring & share meal at the Principal’s Lodge. This term is always a challenging one, with large numbers of assessments due, especially … Continue reading

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Fruitful Field – a response

A great deal of my time over the last week and a bit of this vacation has been taken up with producing responses to the Fruitful Field consultation that the Methodist Church is currently conducting into how we move forward … Continue reading

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It’s been a lot, lot longer since my last post than I ever anticipated. There may even be some folk out there who have been impatiently waiting for my next instalment of random, rambling thoughts. If so, I apologise for … Continue reading

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Electric Gates and Open Hearts

Ok, so I haven’t blogged in a while. In the main this is because I have firstly been away in South Africa for a month on placement, followed by 10 days on family holiday back in my beloved Mendips. I … Continue reading

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