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Let’s talk about…

I have spent much of my time today down the A38 in Liskeard, attending the Presbyteral Session of District Synod. It was, as is the nature of these things, a mixed-bag of experiences, including some boredom and annoyance but overall … Continue reading

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Serve thee as thy hosts above

Over at his blog, Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise, my ministerial colleague, fellow ecumenical meanderer, and good friend, Jarel, is hosting a series of interviews exploring vocation – for now focusing on vocation as an ordained minister or religious … Continue reading

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Methodical Reasoning

The following post first appeared in the Methodist Recorder on 24th April 2014, as part of their “Methodism’s for Me” series. My thanks to them both for commissioning the article in the first place and then reckoning it was good … Continue reading

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Design for life

I’m starting to get a headache because I’ve been staring at a computer screen for most of the day. I don’t do that very much nowadays! But today my previous life and my current life over-lapped significantly. Once upon a … Continue reading

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One calling amongst many

In Methodism the usual term for the role I undertake is “Minister”, but recently Methodism went through the drawn-out process of changing the wording of its founding documents and its constitution in order that the words Presbyter and Deacon are … Continue reading

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Godly Drama

One of the things Probationer Presbyters and Deacons in the Methodist Church are required to do is to set aside time for on-going study. This is done with a variety of success, for a variety of reasons. Some of the … Continue reading

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Go West

As any reader of this blog is likely to have noticed, I consider myself a West Country Boy. I wasn’t born and bred there, but I do think of myself as having grown up there. It’s certainly where I call … Continue reading

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