About the Nomad

My name is Tom, but around here I go by the name of the Mendip Nomad, and this is my blog. For the reason why this blog is called what it is, please see here.

Some people out there will know a fair bit about me already, and in the first place they’re the reason why this blog was originally set up. I am now an ordained Presbyter in the Methodist Church, but this blog was originally set up when I began training and there were quite a few people who were interested in keeping up with what and how I was doing – it seems at least some of them are still interested even though I’m now ordained! So my primary purpose in setting this up was so they had an easy way of keeping up with my goings on without me having to send out lots of emails and letters, but of course I’m more than happy to have other readers as well, and it’s quite possible that some of my musings won’t interest my original audience but will interest others.

So, what about me? What else can I say about me? Well, as mentioned, I’m an ordained Methodist minister (I trained at Wesley House, Cambridge, for 2 years before being sent into Circuit in Saltash in September 2012, where I still am). While I’m a Methodist I’m also ecumenical in my outlook, and am more than happy to listen and learn from those of differing traditions, different faiths, and even no faith at all – some of my closest friends are not believers and I don’t hold it against them. I’m also a member of the Iona Community, and grew up in the Church of England, in which my dad is a vicar.

But enough about faith, what else is there to say about me? Well, I’m married to Mrs Nomad and have a 10-year-old (step)daughter, who is usually referred to in posts and tweets as Wee One. My background is complicated – I tend to put it like this: I’m an Anglo-Scot, who was born in Nigeria, raised in Weardale, the Potteries and the Marches, and grew up in Somerset. I’m proud to be an honourary Liverpudlian and an honourary Mississippian, spent 7 years living on the border between London and Surrey, trained in Cambridge for 2 years, and now in live Cornwall.

My main interests are sport of all descriptions (my interest levels are different depending on the sport – rugby and cricket are my favourite, and football comes near the bottom, but I have been known to even sit and watch indoor bowls on tv), politics of all varieties (but US and British in the main), good quality tv (I like dramas and documentaries most, especially American series like CSI, NCIS, Lie to Me, Chuck and, sadly now only on dvd, The West Wing – and I loath reality tv, whether of the Big Brother or X-Factor variety), movies (though I don’t seem to get to the cinema as I used to), music (I’m eclectic, with a cd collection that ranges from Bach and Mozart to Massive Attack and Metallica, with most things in between) and reading (especially Terry Pratchett and Ian Rankin but I’ll give most things a go and , inevitably, I read a lot of theology books too!)

All of these things will, I’m sure, end up being commented upon at various times over the coming days, weeks, months and years, as well as many other things I’m not even aware of currently. For now, I will sign off this page, but no doubt I’ll update it as things change.

For now, travel well, and if you would like to know anything more about me, just put in a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

The Nomad.

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