Solidarity (or “Whole Lotta Love”)

NB – If you are returning to this and are thinking the title’s changed slightly then you are correct. I realised after posting it that I had a theme running through the titles of my “One Page Exercise” postings that had not carried on to this post, a situation that has now been rectified.

I realise I haven’t posted in a while, for which apologies. There are many reasons – some personal, some work- and time-based. Anyway, I thought I’d at least get something posted. Many readers will be aware of the one-page exercises we are required to do for our Friday morning preaching class. This week our challenge was to “write one page that does nothing but celebrate something that God has done or is doing”, and I will admit that I failed to meet the brief. My mind simply would not enter the space I needed to be in. But I wanted to at least attempt to engage with the challenge and do something. One news story that touched me this morning was that of the Crusaders rugby team, who are a Super 15 side playing home games in Christchurch (or at least they were until the earthquake last week badly damaged their stadium). Today (yesterday now in Aotearoa New Zealand) the whole country took part in a day of wearing the usual Crusaders/Canterbury (the Regional rugby team associated with the Crusaders) colours of Black & Red in solidarity with the region so badly affected by the earthquake. While that was happening the Crusaders were playing a match, which was supposed to be at home but which was actually played in Nelson, in the Northern part of the South Island. And here’s the really moving part, for me at least: while the rest of the nation were showing solidarity with Christchurch and the Canterbury region in wearing their Black & Red, the Crusaders players were on the pitch playing in White & Red – the colours of the West Coast, a region also affiliated to the Crusaders. They did this in memory of those who died and were bereaved in last year’s Pike River Mine disaster, which is in the West Coast region. This was something planned prior to the earthquake, but nonetheless I think it was a remarkable show of solidarity for others in a time of personal suffering. I couldn’t write what the exercise asked for, but nonetheless I could find God’s glory there.

What follows is what I wrote:

God’s glorious work

is seen

even in those

who are not aware:

their home,

the home of black and red,

is wrecked;

their supporters

are bruised

and battered

and mourning

loved ones.


they walk onto the pitch

in white and red,

in the colours

of others

who are mourning

previous losses.

“…and love your neighbour as yourself.”

On the green turf,

in the joy of entertaining play,

God’s glory is seen.


About MendipNomad

I'm a nomad both physically and denominationally, but I'll always call the Mendips home. Currently a Methodist Presbyter (Minister) in Cornwall. I love sport, film, tv, socialising, politics (both US and British), and, yes, being part of the church.
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