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Thinking of you again

This is a quick post to once again say I am thinking of the people of New Zealand after a major earthquake. Just last year I did the same thing. Thankfully, that time the casualties were very low because of … Continue reading

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Alone yet not alone

I am not good at being alone. It isn’t really part of my make-up. I like distractions. Often they actually help me think. Yet, this said, I recognise that actually, as a Minister, or even as a Minister in training, … Continue reading

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Good Times Bad Times

I spoke previously about how our homiletics classes require us to do a one-page exercise each week. Katielou has recently posted here with her latest piece, which is based on looking at a Bible story from the point of view … Continue reading

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Confessions of a [ConDem]ed man

This is an open letter to my sisters and brothers in Christ who seem to accept the use of words without consideration of who they are encompassing within their usage. It was, I suppose, inevitable, given the names of the … Continue reading

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I don’t really have time to blog at the moment since a day being ill yesterday has knocked my schedule completely out of kilter (and, yes, I’m aware I originally said I would avoid blogging on Saturdays but, like I … Continue reading

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