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And now the waiting ends.

Mrs Nomad, Wee One and I arrived here at Wesley House a month ago yesterday. Today, term starts. It has felt like a long time coming. Unlike most students, new and continuing, who have arrived over the past week, we … Continue reading

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A Taxing Matter

I was listening, as I usually do, to the radio this morning – as usual it was the BBC 5Live Breakfast Show. Owing to the government’s announcement that they won’t be ordering a Council Tax revaluation, and having had the Secretary … Continue reading

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It’s just not cricket!

So, the cricket season has been signed off with, based on the Cambridge weather, perfect timing (we are set for a few days of rain here, on the back of a so-far sunny September). The domestic season came to an … Continue reading

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Money, money, money

We all dream, so I am told, of winning the lottery – I’ll admit that occasionally I do wish I could win a million or two, which will never happen, because I don’t play it! I have spent time this … Continue reading

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A little bit of a few things

Having started off blogging almost every day it’s now been a few days since my last post so I thought I better get myself back in the groove and let people know what I’ve been doing with myself (the Twitter … Continue reading

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Of bears and boats

Yesterday morning the three of us (myself, Mrs Nomad and Wee One) went to the local Methodist Church together. The preacher, in both her children’s address and sermon, made much use of the well-known children’s book, “We’re going on a bear hunt!” … Continue reading

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Living in community

One of the subjects brought up in the various handbooks and suchlike that you are given as you prepare to join a theological training college, or certainly as you prepare to join Wesley House, is that of building and living … Continue reading

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